Seriously - it's not worth it.

I spent some quality time in the principal's office over mine. And ours was pretty harmless. If I find the letter they sent to my parents, I'll post it here someday. I walked at graduation, but I think schools are a little more "hard core" about it these days.

And there's always critics. (Read this as if Taylor Swift were saying it) "My brother's class took apart a 747 and put it together again in the library - and it was running at full throttle when Mr/Mrs (Fill in your principal's name) got there on Monday morning. Your prank sucked."

And somebody will throw you under the bus (figuratively) just to save themselves. And sometimes, it's not somebody you were "working with", but a younger brother or sister out to get revenge for an atomic wedgie or something. I'm still looking for the person who ratted me out in 1977. You ever see the movie, "The Fugitive" with Harrison Ford? Yeah, it's sorta like that.

And,"back in the day", they didn't have something MOST schools have now - security cameras.

So, don't do it. That said, here's one that made the news in Pittsburgh.

And I quote the news story - "A security camera caught some of the practical joke on video".

Love, Banana Don


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