Most of us at some point have received that "Christmas Newsletter" from a friend, relative or acquaintance which contains the highlights of their family through the year...who made the honor roll, who got their driver's license, who took a trip to Europe, etc.  It always seems to be the good things, never the REAL things...who passed out drunk in the front yard and were awoken by the sprinklers in the morning, who declared bankruptcy, who started coloring their hair to cover up the gray...but I digress.  The highly-anticipated KARDASHIAN FAMILY CHRISTMAS CARD was revealed on "Keeping Up With The Karshashians:  A Very Merry Christmas Special" (see the card here if you missed it in People),,20761878,00.html and it made me think.  Can you imagine what the Annual Christmas Newsletter from THIS family would be like???  WOW!!!  Suddenly I'm thankful for my tame little family newsletter which updates us all on grades, trips, weddings & minor health issues!