The A-10 Warthog is, IMO, one of the most awesome weapons available to the U.S. military. It's relatively slow for a jet airplane and some people call it ugly - but it's cheap to fly and it packs a punch when you have to nail enemy tanks or pickups carrying terrorists. The 127th Wing of Michigan Air National Guard flies the A-10 out of the Selfridge Air National Guard Base.

According to, two years ago, the geniuses in your U.S. government came up with the idea to scrap the $20 million A-10s, and replace them with much more expensive ($200 million apiece) and unproven F-35s. But, thanks to ISIS, we need airplanes that will get down and dirty to nail terrorists in their pickups - and the A-10s are proving that they do it better than anything else. So, somebody in the Pentagon has convinced whoever makes these decisions, to keep the A-10s for at least a little while longer.

So, good news for fans of the A-10. Bad news for ISIS. Here's the story.

Check out this video, to behold the awesomeness of the A-10:



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