Two words: Formula One.

Here's my two cents. Call me a cynic, but the Malaysian Grand Prix takes place in Kuala Lumpur this weekend, and the race teams and officials (all 3000 of them) need hotel rooms. Some countries, in times of national tragedy, would probably cancel sporting events like the Grand Prix. That's not going to happen this week in Malaysia. This race is one of the biggest sporting events of the year in Malaysia. And that means $$.

Most people agree, there's a VERY high probability that the Malaysia Airlines flight is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. But the Prime Minister of Malaysia made the announcement this morning about the assumed fate of the passengers, when they still don't have any physical evidence from the airplane. I get the feeling the government of Malaysia decided that, "enough is enough - the airplane crashed, everybody go home". So they relocated the families from the hotels they were staying in, so the F1 teams could move in.

What do you think? Crazy theory, or plausible? And, was it just time to move on?

Here's a story about the situation from an Australian website.

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