Here are five things you may not know about Joe Nichols:

#5 - He grew up in northwest Arkansas - his hometown is Rogers. And, he is a HUGE St. Louis Cardinals fan.

#4 - When he was in high school, he was a teenage DJ on a country station, doing the midnight to 6AM shift. He got fired from that job for playing his favorite songs, rather than playing what the boss had scheduled to play.

#3 - He was discovered one day by songwriter and producer Randy Edwards, when Randy heard him singing along to songs on the radio, while he was working as a mechanic at the Jiffy Lube in Rogers.

#2 - After getting a record deal in Nashville, the record company folded, leaving Joe without a job. So he went back to working at "normal" jobs while he tried to find another record company who would sign him. Among the jobs he had during that time was "door to door steak salesman". He failed to sell a single steak.

#1 - He became friends with model and former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith, when they met at the Grand Ole Opry. He actually sang two songs at her funeral.

AND, Joe will be on stage at Taste of Country, Saturday, June 13th at Cooley Law School Stadium in downtown Lansing, brought to you by your neighborhood Ford dealers. Headlining will be Dierks Bentley.

You don't want to miss it and start off your whole summer badly. You've been warned.


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