The question: Does America hate orange juice?

The answer: maybe.

According to The Wall Street Journal, sales are down more than nine percent from the same four-week period last year and represent the "lowest level for total sales since the four weeks ended January 19, 2002, the oldest data available." Officials say that one of the reasons for the lack of sales, is the rising popularity of more exotic fruit juices and all the energy drinks on the shelf. Another reason for the low sales number is that a bacterial disease destroyed much of Florida's citrus grove, which resulted in the lowest production of orange juice in half a century. And we all know what happens when supply and demand are down, prices go up and then people stop buying that product.

Now, the good news is that consumers bought nearly 35 million gallons of orange juice during the month of July. So, somebody's still buying it...just not enough of it to increase sales. Please make today the day that you help the future of orange juice and all the orange juice farmers...Buy a jug or carton of it today...:)