Photo Courtesy of Stephanie McCoy Images


Don and I were talking about Miranda Lambert's new song, 'Automatic', the other day during the Nitty Gritty from Music City. The song refers to a lot of things we used to put 25 cents in the payphone, use paper maps and record the countdown show off of the radio on to your cassette player.

Well, while digging through some very old photos, I found this one of me apparently doing exactly what Miranda is singing about in this song. (And let's not make fun of the hair or the red carpet...) In the bottom right hand corner of this photo, please note the boombox and cassette player. I would record songs off the radio ALL THE TIME when I was younger and would also pretend that I was a dee-jay and would practice talking over the beginning of a song. Who knew that many years later, this is something that I would get PAID to do...!

Take a listen to the song and see what you can remember doing when you were a kid...