Uh, yeah. It's true. First, there were vampire squirrels that attacked deer - now we have to deal with vampire DEER!

They're known as Kashmir musk deer and according to Great Britain's Daily Mail, one was just spotted in northeastern Afghanistan for the first time in six decades. They're small (between 15 and 40 pounds) but the males have fangs instead of antlers that they use to "compete for females".

Hello, ladies!

They're really not true deer like whitetails, but a throwback to ancient deer relatives and more closely related to antelope. And, unfortunately, one of the reasons they're so scarce is that their musk is thought to be an aphrodisiac, so their musk glands are worth around $20,000 a pound on the black market.

Seriously, have these people not heard of White Zinfandel BOXED WINE?!


Here's the full story.


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