I love stock car racing. If you're a fan like me, you'll always be a fan. But, NASCAR has had a problem getting new fans. Long term fans. I'm not sure why. Nobody who has any connection with NASCAR is. The peak in TV viewership of NASCAR races came in 2005. A lot of tracks have taken out seats, when a few years ago they were adding seats. Is it Jimmie Johnson winning all the time? Or is it that the driver's are almost TOO aware that the microphones are always on and they have to behave so they don't lose a sponsor.

Don't know. What I DO know is that, like it or not, audiences demand that entertainment be much more extreme in 2014. True NASCAR fans know there's a lot of strategy to winning a race and a lot of skill involved in passing at the right moment. But somebody going to a race for the first time or tuning in for the first time - doesn't.

I'm only HALF joking when I tell you that, for NASCAR to turn on the masses, America is expecting something like.....this:



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