This could be the perfect job if you have any management skills - and I'm looking at you, MSU "School of Hospitality" grads.

Would you like to go to work everyday by speedboat or helicopter? Do you know how to sail, fish and can you open a bottle of Champagne with a sabre?

If not - what the heck are they teaching you kids over there?

You will be managing "No Man's Land Fort", a former fort in the Solent - a strait separating the Isle of Wright from the mainland of England. The "fort" looks like the evil lair of a James Bond villain, but it's now a luxury hotel, with 22 rooms, a hot tub, a nightclub, a gym and a lighthouse. The link for the application is in the story.

Click here for the story. And send a postcard when you get there.

Here's a video of it's nearby "sister fort" - Spitbank Fort:

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