My wife is an avid player of Candy Crush.

I have to admit I've never played the game, I don't get the attraction and it's a pretty safe bet that I'm probably not going to play the game in the near future. So it's not surprising that I also don't know much about it, but I gather my wife is on a pretty high level, which is a good thing for her, for the most part.

The other morning she was telling me that she has reached such a high level in Candy Crush that she can no longer play the game on her smartphone. I guess that's the bad part, for her.

Knowing my less-than-enthusiastic opinion of the game she says, "That's sad, isn't it?"

Smiling, I replied..."No, that's not sad, that's..."

"Pathetic"...she finished.

Well no, not really...but knowing that she wouldn't believe me if I said that, I decided that it was best to play Conversation Crush at that point.