The photos that you see here are the ones that I sent in texts last weekend to my wife.

The Christmas lights that we used on our tree last year decided not to work this year, so I was sent out to buy new ones.

The top photo was included in the first text because "Twinkling" and "Miniature" was confusing. Can you stop the "Twinkling" (No, we found out after wrapping them around our tree), is "Miniature" what we want (Yes). Which by the way is the reason for this second photo.

That was the one that I sent so my wife could see how big the light was in comparison to my thumb...what does miniature mean? Yes, I know...crazy...

We decided to buy the lights, but as you know by now...that wasn't the way to go. Blinking lights don't work in The House of Tyler (actually I thought it was okay, but I was out-voted).

So, I ended up venturing out again. This time to actually buy the correct lights. No "Twinkling" and yes, they were "Miniature" just like we wanted.

Four hours later...a tree! With (the right) lights!

My wife told me today that she is going to buy the Christmas lights that we need this year after they go on sale. That way we'll have a supply of them in the future so I don't have to run out when we have a light malfunction in years to come.

I think that's a terrific idea.