I am right-handed. Completely right-handed. I have had a few injuries to my right hand in the past and subsequently had to live like a "lefty" for a couple of weeks while said injury healed and I hated it. I have found through the years that there are very few things that I can do with my left hand.

My son is left-handed. Very left-handed. He pitches left-handed. He bats left-handed. He writes/cuts/eats left-handed...you get the idea...So, through his years I have seen the struggles a "lefty" has with many aspects in their lives. Recently, there was a link going around on Facebook regarding this subject which I found very interesting. In case you didn't see it, here is the link. After reading this article, I asked my son what is the worst thing for him about being left-handed. His response: "That you can't play more positions on a baseball field." :)