Apparently, there's a lot of cussing going on just to our south.

Remember when you called looking for help or service on a product, and at the beginning of the call they said, "this call may be recorded"? Well, it was recorded, and a research and data company called Marchex Institute got access to information about 600,000 of those calls from the last 12 months. What did they find out? People in the state of Ohio curse more on those calls than people in any other state. Who cussed the least? People in the state of Washington. They also found out that the least courteous state, based on how many times people said "please" and "thank you", was Wisconsin. We're surrounded! By the way, Ohio was in the top five of that one, too.The most courteous? South Carolina.

Here's the whole story. Written by an Ohioan, who kept her salty language to a minimum.

Michigan didn't show up anywhere in the top five or bottom five of either ranking. All I can figure is that we're just so "darn" smart, we didn't need anybody's help. Or, we just hung up on them.

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