OK, so Christmas is over. At Christmas dinner you were able to talk about family gossip. Next up - New Year's Eve. The big time. A real party, and possibly among people who are not family, where you may not be able to carry the night by talking about your Aunt Emmy's goitre. This is where year end lists are helpful. Over the next several days, I will present some Number Ones on lists of popular things in 2013. Memorize or write them down. When there is a lull in conversation at the party, YOU will revive the conversation by saying, "Did you hear...(BLAH BLAH BLAH) was the number one (BLAH BLAH BLAH)..?" The response you SHOULD get  will be, "NO WAY!", "Are you SERIOUS?!", "Duh!", or my favorite, "Get out of TOWN!".


Now, we begin.



South Korean rapper "Psy", with a song called "Gentleman" - 600 MILLION views. This is the same guy who brought you THE MOST WATCHED VIDEO OF ALL TIME - "Gangnam Style", and stars in pistachio commercials. So he's got some farmer friends.

THIS is the most popular YouTube artist in THE WORLD. I weep for mankind.

And no, I won't be boosting his numbers by posting the video here.

To give you some perspective - the number one country music video was "Cruise" from Florida Georgia Line (No. 2 was Blake Shelton's "Boys Round Here") This year "Cruise made history when it stayed at No.1 on the Billboard country music chart for 24 weeks - longer than any other song in the history of country music. On YouTube "Cruise" only got 40 million views. 70 million if you include the rap remix version with Nelly. Here's the country version of "Cruise", along with the other Top 20 country videos.