Sad news for fans of '70's SUPERSTARS "The Captain and Tennille". Toni Tennille has filed for DIVORCE after 39 years of marriage! What happened? We were told "Love Will Keep Us Together". Lied to again.

One of their big hits was the song, "Muskrat Love". Yes, kids - it's a song about how mommy and daddy muskrats show they love each other. They didn't write it, but the original "hit" version of this song was done by fellow '70s SUPERGROUP "America". It was that version of the song that Toni heard on the radio one day back when "The Captain" and she were just a club act around L.A. They started playing the song because they thought it was funny. One thing led to another, they got famous, and one day, there's Toni singing "Muskrat Love" to the Queen of England at the White House. Funny how things work out.

Here's a video of the song. What made this song a hit was the Captain's use of his keyboards to simulate the sound of muskrats making love.(Kids-don't judge our generation based on this)

Plus, Ms.Tennille gives a shout out to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. As if things couldn't get weirder:




By: Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment