First off, no - I did not get one this past weekend. We've got big bucks on trail cameras, but I haven't seen them during shooting hours yet. I did see a lot of does though, including this group of eleven that ran all over the section we were hunting. Up to the point where I got back to my truck, started it up and watched as they crossed fifty yards behind me.

Tell your boyfriends to come out of hiding!

And, let me just say this about hunting this last Saturday morning. It was cold. And yes, I was in a deer blind, but the wind was coming right in that thing from an opening that faces north. Didn't bug the deer much, but allow me to express my thanks to the people who make "Mr Heater" products - including my portable propane heater shown below.

I love you "Mr Heater". If you deer hunt or ice fish you may love Mr Heater, too. My question to them - and I have discussed this with other hunters - can you make a propane heater modification so that it has an outlet to charge my cellphone? I know they make propane powered generators, so... 'Cuz when I'm not seeing a lot of deer, I get bored. And when I get bored, I start reading email on my phone or calling my hunting buddies to see what they're seeing or looking up the price of hunting trips to places I've seen on TV hunting shows where everybody shoots one every time. So a little charging outlet (away from the really hot part would be great) would really help me out.

And yes, critics, this may be why I haven't seen more big bucks - because I have my head down while I text pictures of squirrels to my friends in Florida. But, get on this, "Mr Heater". I'm telling you - this idea is "so money". (I was going to say it was "da bomb" - but because we're talking about products filled with propane - I thought it un-wise)

You're welcome. And all my best to Mrs. Heater.