I went to the Shrine Circus on Friday night at the Lansing Center. My mission was to get a picture of me wearing one of the fezzes as worn by the Shriners (by the way - that IS the proper plural spelling of fez - so we've all learned something new) Some trivia I remember finding out last year: all Shriners have to join the Masons first, and then work their way up to being a Shriner. So, all Shriners are Masons, but not all Masons are Shriners.

I asked one of the Shriners if I could wear his fez. He answered, "you could, but then I'd have to kick your butt". He was a pretty big guy wearing a Marine pin on his lapel, so I didn't push it. I also wanted to know where they get the fezzes. I asked the Marine, and he told me "you have to EARN it". Nobody really had a good answer. The Marine took his off and tried to find the label with the manufacturer's name, but nobody (including me) had their reading glasses with them, so it was a lost cause. I finally found out where the fezzes come from when I got home Friday night by (all together now) GOING TO THE INTERNET. Here's the website: www.dturin.com.

I wouldn't go buy one and wear it until you join the Shriners though, because...well ... that Marine guy.

Here's my new buddy, a clown they call "AU". I'm sure he would let me wear his hat.