When I was kid, we lived in Los Angeles for a while. My mom was a teacher, so you didn't just hang out and watch TV - we were always at some museum or historical landmark. One of those places was the La Brea Tar Pits, right in Hollywood, where ice age animals had gone to a pond, got a drink and then found out that the water and the ground they were standing on, was a natural asphalt pit. They usually got stuck. Forever. And that meant 10,000 years later, young Don Jefferson could go there and see the skeletons of wooly mammoths and beg for a t-shirt.

Fast forward to today. (If my lovely wife Michelle is reading this right now, she is rolling her eyes - because she knows what's next). Whenever I go to the Meijer in DeWitt, I check the parking lot to see if the "Mystery of Row F" is still there. If you go to the parking lot light pole with the letter "F" on it, and go east - 6 parking spaces, you'll see THIS embedded in the tar they used to seal the lot:

Yes, they are bones. From what ancient animal? I do not know. Baby T-Rex? Sabre Toothed Cat? Wooly Mammoth?

Somebody's Meijer Deli chicken they dropped last summer?

We may never know.

All I know is I freaked out some old guy, when I was taking these pictures of the ground near his car a couple weeks ago. I think he was closerthanthis to calling Homeland Security.