When's the last time you took a trip to Frankenmuth? It's Pure Michigan, you know. We went there last week, to do some shopping for Christmas decorations at Bronner's and to eat at Zehnder's. Zehnder's has been around since 1929, and a restaurant has been at that location for over 150 years.

Chicken liver pate. It comes with the meal. I love the chicken dinners, but every time I go to Zehnder's, liver pate shows up uninvited and sits awkwardly in front of me. Waiting patiently.

Go home liver pate. I'm here to have dinner with your cousin, Butter.


If you like Germany or Christmas, you'll love Frankenmuth. I always tell my lovely wife I'm going to buy some real lederhosen at the gift shop, so it can be Oktoberfest EVERY day at our house.

And the most Christmasy thing in Frankenmuth is Bronner's Christmas Store.

At Bronner's you'll always see Christmas decorations you won't find anywhere else:

                   Now it can be Christmas in your bathroom ALL YEAR LONG.


                                                 Wait - I'm confused.


 Why yes, funny you should ask. Santa DOES model for Abercrombie and Fitch.


And yes, Bronner's is where I got most of the ornaments you've admired on this blog recently. Including the one below, that gazes at me now from our Christmas tree.

  Tip: after a few adult beverages, do NOT challenge him to a blinking contest.