Last weekend my family and I went to the Nike Store in Tanger Outlets in Howell and I found me some brand new running shoes! Now, here's the deal, I DO NOT RUN. (The only time you'll catch me running is if a large dog or a large bear is chasing me.) Here is a photo of MY NEW SHOES:

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie McCoy Images

So, let me explain...I got these shoes for very specific reasons. They are these new kind of shoes called Nike Flyknit's, that fit like a sock. So, you don't have to actually wear a sock.(Awesome.) I also bought these because of the color. I don't think I've ever owned a pair of PINK shoes!! But possibly the most important reason that I got these shoes is because THEY WERE FREE! Yep. FREE! See, I collect the My Coke Reward codes and had saved up enough points to redeem them for some Nike gift cards which I, of course, used to buy these AWESOME NEW PAIR OF SHOES that my friend, Banana Don is completelyjealous of... And that's my story about my new shoes. Have you heard of these kind of shoes before? Do you own pink shoes? Tell me what ya think! :)