I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from work yesterday (which is always a bad idea) just to grab a couple of quick items.  As you know, late afternoon at the grocery store is NEVER quick!  The store was packed...people barely getting up and down the isles.  As I made my way to the produce department, I head some strange yet familiar music.  The closer I got to the end of the isle, the louder it became.  It suddenly occured to me that the music was the theme music from  "Dexter"!  I rounded the corner into the produce department just in time to see a man watching an episode of "Dexter" on his phone while shopping...and he ran his basket right into a large display of apples.  Of course, apples went rolling EVERYWHERE.  There was no stopping them...like an avalanche.  Once it began there's no stopping.  Grocery store staff and customers all trying to gather the apples before someone tripped or fell.  Morale of the story?...Don't watch TV while you're shopping!  (but it was sort of funny) :)