Dear Coach Izzo,

I know you're probably busy planning plays for tonight's big game against Ohio State at the Breslin Center but if I could have a few minutes of your time, I would greatly appreciate it.

You see, I've lived here for almost 17 years and tonight's game will be my first MSU Basketball game! Yes, I know, it's been way too long and yes, I know I've missed some TERRIFIC games but please know that I've been watching them on TV. Until tonight. You see, tonight I am staying up WAY past my bedtime to cheer the Spartans on to victory!

I would love to be able to celebrate a WIN tonight with you. Like...right behind the player's bench...or maybe in the Spartan Fund court seats. Heck, I'd even join the family in the suite. husband says that I'm loud and can be well...dare I say "obnoxious" so I could fit right in with the Izzone!   :)

Anyway, call me. Let's talk about these seats!

Go Green!


Stephanie McCoy