If you've seen the movie "American Sniper", you may be wondering, "how much of that movie is the truth and how much did Hollywood add to make it a hit movie?" Which is something you should probably ask yourself whenever you see the phrase "BASED on the true story".

I read the "American Sniper" book and was still questioning the movie, so I checked what I think is a great site for questions about this stuff - HistoryvsHollywood.com.

Jason Hall - the screenwriter - did change a few things and "amped up" certain parts of the story, but I think overall he did a good job of capturing Chris Kyle's life (from what I've read) both in combat and at home. And the movie's a big hit, so - good for him, Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood -who directed "American Sniper".

Click here to find out what was real and what got "tweeked" in "American Sniper"


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