According to, officials at East Jackson High School have decided to drop their varsity football program for the upcoming season. The biggest factor that led to the decision by school officials was safety. Of the approximately 30 kids on the team, more than half of them are freshman and this was a big concern to East Jackson superintendent Patrick Little:

“The first factor in this decision has to be safety,” Little said. “The idea of putting a 14-year-old freshman who has never played high school football across the line from potentially an 18-year-old student who has obviously matured differently and is more highly trained, we don’t know that that really builds the individual student-athlete to put him in that situation week in and week out. There are certainly some individual athletes that are ready for that, but we felt that it was not in our best interests or the individual student-athletes’ best interests to put them out on the field in that kind of situation.”

I personally applaud the decision by the school officials. I know it has to be extremely disappointing for all involved but I think to err on the side of caution is always a good decision. (But that's probably just the mom in me...) What do you think?