Sure, you've heard stories about old muscle cars, with low mileage on them, being found in old barns and "little old ladies'" garages. But this is the real deal.

Last year, a guy living in Pennsylvania, named Larry Brown, passed away. He had no wife or kids, but he did own a lot of horsepower - including a 1969 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500. He hadn't driven it since 1973 and it only has 8,500 miles on it. It is COMPLETELY original, (down to the spark plug wires) except for the tires. It's been sitting in his garage since 1973, but he kept it in running condition until just a few years ago. And on April 25th it will go up for auction.

Here's the story, complete with photos from Yahoo Autos.

BTW - he also owned a 1974 Ford Econoline Van with only 554 miles on it. That will be auctioned off also. It has a refrigerator in it, cool paint job, nice wheels and...wait for it...original 70's shag carpet!

Helll-o ladies.

Here's the link to the auction info from Ron Gilligan Auctioneers.

Before you complain - I know, this did NOT come off a '69 Shelby

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